The Tiny D Story

TinyDsPhotographyTinyDStoryPageMy name is Katia and I’ve had a camera attached to me for the better part of the last decade… I’m also the mum of a cheeky little toddler, who changed my life and my path in more ways than one.
D came into the world like a whirlwind 11 weeks early, and sent our lives into a frenzy! Suddenly we belonged to this community we didn’t know existed, the community of premature babies and their families. Myself and my husband were so uneducated on premature birth and during the months we spent in hospital it became apparent that these little babies who come into the world far too early and far too tiny, are actually very common.

We were so blessed to have family and friends around us to support us through our journey, and to live only half an hour from the hospital were D spent his first 2 months. At the time, our lives were in turmoil and it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but as time went on, and when we sat back and reflected on our time in the hospital, it was clear to see that we were incredibly lucky.

From the moment we got our baby boy home I immersed myself in the premmie community, trying to find a way to help other families in the same situation. I knew that the smallest gesture could be what makes a bad day in NICU a good day, and wanted to be able to offer something to those families having a hard time.

I remembered the morning after D was born, the hospital photographer came into my room to give me a pamphlet for newborn hospital photography but when she saw no baby was in my room and I told her that he was in NICU her response was ‘Sorry, don’t worry, good luck’.

At the time I thought nothing of it, I assumed she wasn’t allowed in the NICU. However, later on when I had taken and framed my own photos of D I was upset about it. Why can’t I have professional photos of my little miracle? I missed out on a lot that other ‘newborn things’ that ‘normal’ parents get, why did I also have to miss out on this? Don’t all the monitors and tubes just serve as a memory later on for just how far we’ve come?

Tiny D's Photography - ContactPage2I wish someone had come in and taken some beautiful photos of us holding his tiny hands or the precious moments of kangaroo care. I wish someone in the hospital would have made me feel like my baby was ‘normal’ and look past the tubes and tank. Sure, I took in some equipment and took photos, but I AM a photographer, what about the other parents?

As a result I decided to branch out from weddings and give back to the universe that blessed us with such a healthy little boy.

So Tiny D’s Photography was born, named after my tiny guy and my inspiration.

Tiny D’s commenced because I wanted to provide families of prem babies with what all other new parents get; a record of their babies first days/weeks/months. But for us parents of prems it will be with tubes/monitors and all, because we should never hide who they are or where they’ve come from. These babies are inspirational and should be celebrated for their strength, courage and quite frankly just how tiny and cute they are! And what better person to do it than someone who has first hand experience of the trauma and stress and joy all rolled into one.

Since creating Tiny D’s and meeting countless families going through a similar journey to ours, I’ve also found a love of photographing newborns. Their innocence and beauty is unlike anything else, and to be able to capture these moments brings me so much joy.

I hope you enjoy my work, and contact me to capture your families cherished moments.