Tiny D’s Photography’s New Venture

For those of you who have followed me from the start you will know that for quite a few years I’ve always offered free photography for premmie’s who are residing at the top level 3 hospitals in Melbourne…at times this has gotten a tiny bit overwhelming (because I have a real job too and my own little guy to look after!!) so I’m not visiting the hospitals as often as I used to or as often as I’d like to..and I’ve certainly gotten lazy with the blog and premmie story updates too. Oops….

So, I feel like now it’s time to re-invent Tiny D’s Photography a little bit. I’ve grown to LOVE shooting newborns, those in hospital and those who are lucky enough to get out… and I’ve found it super easy to have a little studio set up at home with my little guy with me during my work day watching all the action!

Rather than use my established photography business (Bare Image Photography), I’d rather do this under the Tiny D’s banner… this page and the Blog have always gathered a really positive vibe and response from it’s followers, and it also represents a different stage of my life…and D’s !

Very soon I’m going to be promoting a new Tiny D’s website, and a new studio…where i’ll be focussing on newborns and babies. I hope you will all continue to follow and support me in this quest… I’m hoping the extra business will allow me to justify all the free photography I do and in turn have me visiting the hospitals even more.

**I WILL still be attending the hospitals for premmie photography upon request! **

This is now and always has been about capturing the special moments in all of your lives. Tiny D’s was created to give those families with babies unwell in hospital a little token to remember their time in a positive way…now we are just being a little greedy and wanting to play with ALL babies…not just the premmie ones!

Stay tuned for the changes coming up and some great specials…and please as always, share this page around… xxx


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