The Premmie Journey

I’ve been asked by a few of my Tiny D’s followers to share more stories about D and my journey as a premmie mum, so here begins my first piece which is a little more personal and not so much photography related

It’s always so nice for me speaking to parents of prems and I absolutely love taking photos of these little miracles, but what makes it all worth while is taking time out of my day to talk to the parents and help them through the roller coaster of emotions they’re facing while their baby is in the hospital and they’re still adjusting to the fact that their baby is here, and no longer inside.

20130609_135440_Family_Churchill_DeSantis_Personal Photos

Before photographing little miracle Finn Jackson I had a chat to his mum Hannah on the phone and when we met up her husband thanked me and told me how much it put her at ease, just knowing she wasn’t alone in her feelings and that there are other parents out there (SO many others!) that know exactly what it’s like, and are willing to help out, even if it just means chatting on the phone for a little while. Hannah also told me that she had taken to reading and re reading my blog and it was helping her tremendously with the journey in the hospital.

Recently I found out a tiny prem I photographed several months ago had passed. It absolutely tore my heart out and I thought about stopping the blog, the photos and all of it because I don’t know how to shut off my feelings and not get attached to all the beautiful little miracles I meet. Then my husband told me that without what I was doing, perhaps that family wouldn’t have those beautiful photos, and perhaps they wouldn’t have sat down with someone for 2 hours and poured their heart out and told their story. Because of me though they did, so I have to continue on.

What I do isn’t just about the photos, it’s about the stories, sharing with you all the trials and tribulations of the world of prems. Helping those who are going through it cope, helping those who have been through it previously feel less alone, and maybe shedding some light on our little community to those parents who will never have to face what we have faced as parents of prems.

Knowing that there are some of you out there that follow the blog (even if it’s just one or two of you!) is enough for me, so whether I’m taking photos or not I’ll try and keep you updated on how my little premmie is doing and also about things in the premmie community I’m hearing about and taking part in.

Us premmie parents have to stick together x

(and you full term parents have to help keep us sane!)




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