Premmie Gallery

Tiny D’s specializes in photographing premature babies spending time in Special Care.

I understand the pressure put on families during this time so a 50% discount is provided off my ordinary fees to travel to the hospital where your bub is residing. You are also given a 20% discount for further photography when your little one comes home.

Premmie session information

Tiny D’s Photography will attend any Melbourne based hospital to take photos of your little one.
You will then receive a link to all images taken, free from copyright, so that you are able to print at your leisure.

Hospital Information

To those of you welcoming me into hospitals to photograph your beautiful little miracles please keep the following in mind –

1. I’ve been there in your position so I know the do’s an dont’s of the NICU and SCN. I know how the slightest things can stress baby even when he/she seems fine.

2. I would never dream of setting foot in a NICU or SCN if I had even so much as a tickle in my throat, your baby’s health is the most important thing. If I, or my children, are unwell in any way I will contact you and reschedule your appointment.

3. My photography isn’t invasive in the slightest. I will shoot through the glass of the isolete, never touch your baby or reposition them. I also use a flash that bounces off the roof and doesn’t ever shine near baby’s face. If nurses are present and happy to oblige we can reposition baby or take a variety of photos – however this is entirely dependant on how your baby is feeling.

4. If baby is well enough and the timing is ok I will take photographs of kangaroo care or of you touching baby but if not, I will just shoot what I can on the day, as quickly as possible so as not to stress baby.

For this reason there wont as many photos taken as there is when I shoot newborns or children out of hospital. This is what makes these photos special.

5. If on the day you have to cancel or postpone for any reason please do not hesitate to do so, I know what a sensitive time it is and don’t ever want to impose on you or your baby.

Please make sure you explain all this to the nurses on duty on the day & ensure that you invite me during visiting hours and with the full permission of the hospital. It’s important the hospital staff know that  I understand the sensitivity of the babies and have had experience in this field.