Newborn Gallery

Over the years I’ve grown to absolutely love photographing newborns and capturing that pure innocence in a baby’s first few weeks.

Newborn sessions are preferably done within the first two weeks after baby is born. That’s when we can really get those tiny, squishy, sleepy poses that make newborns look so fresh!

Of course if you don’t get to me during that time the photos will still be beautiful, baby will just look a little more alert, so it’s best to keep that in mind when planning your newborn’s photos.

Newborn session information

As a mum myself, I understand how overwhelming those first few days can be with a new baby so I created

this informational guide to help you with any questions you have about my sessions.

Here’s some frequently asked questions by clients –

1. When should I book?

Once you decide you want a newborn session give me a call or shoot me an email. I can jot down your due date and make a tentative appointment in advance to secure your spot.

If bub comes early or late you will have first preference for spots during that period.

This is the best way to book in because you’re guaranteed to get in during that first two week period.

If you’re booked in for a c-section let me know the date and we can secure a time straight away!

As mentioned above, I’m happy to shoot newborns after that first two week period so if you’ve forgotten to book don’t stress, give me a call and we can work out a time to get you in as soon as possible!

2. What to expect

I may spend anywhere from 1-2 hours photographing your baby. I allow enough time for your baby to eat, for me to clean up messes and settle your baby if needed. It also accounts for changing setups for different poses.

I do keep my home nice and toasty for bub, but if you feel it is a little warm or a little cold, please feel free to tell me.

I will never place your baby in an unsafe position just to get a pose. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with any part of the shoot I urge you to tell me. Yours and your baby’s comfort and safety is the MOST important thing to me.

3. What to do before your scheduled session

Put bub in something easy to get on and off so we don’t upset them when we strip them off. A onesie that zips in the front is easiest to take off and less disturbing to your baby

Let me know ahead of time if you (or siblings) plan on being photographed with your newborn so that I can plan your session accordingly.

Please feed your baby before you leave home. Most babies will fall asleep in the car. The most beautiful poses require a sleeping baby.

Don’t try and disturb your little one’s routine for the sake of the session, it will only upset them and in turn, upset you! If bub is awake we will work around it or wait, if bub is hungry, they can feed. We will have plenty of time.

4. What do I bring?

I will mostly photograph your baby in the buff so please do not bring too many outfits. Keep in mind most clothing items will swallow your baby and wont look great in photos. Capturing the innocence of a nude baby makes the most beautiful images in my opinion. However, if you have a few pieces you’d like to bring, please feel free to do so.

Grab a dummy as this will help soothe an unsettled little one and will make the session go much smoother.

If you have any nice blankets, scarves, wraps, head pieces that you’d like to use please bring them along. If you are coming empty handed let me know so that I can ensure I have plenty to work with before you arrive!