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  • IMG_2781Happy 1st Birthday to our little weeny Queen!

    ~~19th October 2019~~ I couldn’t let this little darling turn the big ONE without a heartfelt post out in the world expressing how obsessed with her I am… I mean… look at her … The past year has been amazing, and it’s gone by WAY too quickly. I don’t know what it is but this... Read more »

  • IMG_8740Could it be that I've received a second miracle ?

    Hi all… I am back! From a relatively short photography hiatus (about 12 months), but a supremely long blogging hiatus. Tiny D ain’t so tiny anymore..nope, he’s a full blown kid. I mean he’s well surpassed toddler stage and at the rate he’s growing and changing right now I’m not even sure he’ll be a... Read more »

  • 20131204_181348_Family_Churchill_DeSantis_Personal PhotosAdenoids and tonsils and that horrid surgery...

    So, my old blog posts probably portrayed me as someone who was quite strong, dealt with the ‘prem’ thing quite well, and walked amongst hospitals and tiny babies confidently with no flashbacks and stress from our days in the NICU. Well, that was a bit of a farce… and that’s why I’ve been absent for... Read more »

  • Tiny D's Photography's New Venture

    For those of you who have followed me from the start you will know that for quite a few years I’ve always offered free photography for premmie’s who are residing at the top level 3 hospitals in Melbourne…at times this has gotten a tiny bit overwhelming (because I have a real job too and my own little... Read more »

  • 2013 Premmie Hero Volunteer Award

      Thank you for nominating me for Premmie Hero Volunteer Award! Recently I was very honored to be nominated for the Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards, to say I’m excited is an understatement! The Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards are an Australian first in recognising and celebrating the dedication of individual volunteers within the premmie community. The... Read more »

  • 20120621_122423_Family_Churchill_DeSantis_Personal PhotosHappy Father's Day

      I think we all agree that the person most ‘forgotten’ in the premmie journey is Daddy. It’s not because Dad isn’t as important as Mum, it’s because to the naked eye it is Mum who is “going through” it all. The pregnancy, the labour, the guilt, even the hassle of expressing every 2-3 hours.... Read more »

  • 20130612_125014_Family_Churchill_DeSantis_Personal PhotosMy Little Miracle Turns 1

    16 June 2013 – D’s 1st Birthday It’s been an amazing year I have to say, with all the good far outweighing the “bad” start we had. They say premmies take approximately 2 years to catch up but my little guy seems to be determined to prove them wrong. We were lagging behind a little... Read more »

  • 20130609_135440_Family_Churchill_DeSantis_Personal PhotosThe Premmie Journey

    I’ve been asked by a few of my Tiny D’s followers to share more stories about D and my journey as a premmie mum, so here begins my first piece which is a little more personal and not so much photography related It’s always so nice for me speaking to parents of prems and I... Read more »

  • 20130225_203609_Family_Churchill_DeSantis_Personal PhotosFeature Article

    I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Amelia at The Peach –  Please take the time to read the article and find out more about Tiny D’s Photography – Thank you Amelia for taking the time to hear my story

  • 20120803_132245_Family_Churchill_DeSantis_Personal PhotosThe little guy who started this whole thing... Tiny D

    What better way to start my premmie blog than with a few words for the little cricket who has inspired this entire project… Tiny D himself – my little 29 weeker. I already did a piece on him for my Bare Image Blog a few months back which you can check out on the Bare Image... Read more »

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